Colloquia Sundays

Colloquia Sundays is a design-led, 'drink + think' event series exploring community-oriented themes. Led by a moderator and panel of local experts, we discuss topical issues through a critical design lens… over a couple of Sunday bevvies.

In other words, Colloquia Sundays are serious entertainment.

We choose thoughtful themes to spark discussion around the collective designing of sustainable futures. The sessions are intimate and collaborative, enabling a participatory discourse around the political, social, environmental and technological phenomena that affect our community.

Not your average Sunday session.

To keep up with the sessions go here. To enquire about becoming a moderator and designing a session in collaboration with Colloquia Sundays, email

Each session is curated in a collaborative effort by the session moderator and co-covenor Lucy Matthews. All visual collateral and words are my own.